Start With A Great Website

A great website doesn’t have to break the bank.

Unless you’re looking for specific programming or a website that requires a ton of customization, a great looking site can be made affordably and still have all the content you need to promote your business. We can develop a site to suit your needs starting at $599.


Great Possibilities

Engaged Community

Build A Great Website

Develop A Strong Brand

Social Media Engagement

Engage and Build Your Community

Awesome Brands

Awesome People

Develop and grow your brand engaging your customers to be part of your community.

Popular Options

City ‘N Social offers a number of ways to help grow and promote your brand. Everything from website development and graphic design to social media management and brand development, we can help you create a brand that will last.
  • Web Design

  • $599/mo
    • Theme design
    • Setup and install
    • Contact form
    • 1 hour initial customer support

    *Advanced customization additional

  • Social Media

  • $299/mo
    • Set up social media accounts
    • 1 hour social media strategy
    • 1 hour initial customer support

    *Monthly social media management upon request

  • Brand Strategy

  • $499/mo
    • Initial brainstorm session
    • Customized branding package
    • Brand strategy
    • Community engagement

    *Monthly follow up options available.

Providing Services

Creating Opportunities

Create and managing a successful brand is possible with a solid strategy.

Every company needs to develop a strong brand strategy. Before you think about creating a website or starting a social media account, you need this to help guide your company when it comes to communication and engagement with your customer. Without it, customers won’t feel the strong connection needed to keep them buying your products and services, or engaging with your brand.


Our Services

Our range of services focus entirely on building and engaging with your community.

We have a few primary services, as well as a variety of additional options all designed to help grow your business long before you open the door.

Customizable Website

We work with you to create a website that engages with your audience to connect them with your community.

Website Support

Need help creating copy for blog posts or adding new products or services to your page? We're here to help.

Social Engagement

Everyone knows the importance of developing a strong presence on social media to build their brand. It's what we do.

Brand Development

As a business owner, it’s crucial to build an authentic brand that communicates your company’s purpose.

Brand Management

The goal of our branding service involves creating a unique, sustainable brand for your business.

Education & Training

It is important to stay up to date on creative ways to engage with your customers. Watch for our workshops.